Horizon Zero Dawn DLC gets a release date

At E3 this year, Sony announced that Horizon Zero Dawn will be getting some DLC titled: The Frozen Wilds. They didn’t specify a date back then, but it was confirmed for the end of the year. The date has now been confirmed to be 7 November 2017.

The Frozen Wilds will add new story, extra gameplay as well as a whole new area for you to explore. It will also apparently alter the main map in some way or form. The release date announcement also came with a trailer for the DLC that hints at what you can expect to experience in it:

Horizon Zero Dawn is an excellent game, that has a rich and beautiful world filled with interesting characters and secrets to explore. Guerilla Games have also been supporting the game pretty well since release. I personally can’t wait to continue the adventure with Aloy and see what The Frozen Wilds have in store for her.

Source PlayStation Lifestyle

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