Would you like all the Dead or Alive 5: Last Round DLC? It’ll cost you over R8300

We all scream and shout when a game uses microtransactions or DLC to prolong the income for the publisher. It’s something that’s just part of this industry and the quicker we make peace with it the better (*mumbles*). That said, there are some games that really push the limits of what we should expect from it. One game in particular is Dead or Alive 5: Last Round from Tecmo.

You have to admit that they don’t have too much going for them other than the Dead or Alive Extreme 3 that was never officially released in the west, due to the nature of the game. Ninja Gaiden is also nowhere to be seen, so that leaves them with their one silver lining – Dead or Alive 5, and they’re milking it for all it’s worth. (Edit – we completely forgot about Nioh, so no excuse then). They’ve just released the 7th DLC for the game. What do you get? More costumes.

In total all the DLC comes to $633, excluding the base game. The good (or bad news, depending on your stance) is that most the DLC is actually not available in South Africa, but should you own a PSN US account you’ll have access to it all. Head to the Xbox Store and most of it is there. When converted to Rands (at the time of writing) it comes to R8366,17. That’s a console and then some for some download content. We guess there’s a reason for them adding more DLC – people buy it.

Here is the official trailer showing off the new costumes for both gents and ladies:

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  • Samashan Pillay

    Ah the Japanese business model….

    • Space Chief (Iron Sharp)

      The same one which gave us a booming gaming industry via early PC, arcade and most consoles out there… thank heavens for Japan.

  • xdvd

    So the sales of Nioh was not enough for them then.

    • Thanks, I completely forgot about Nioh. I edited the one paragraph. Just plain greed, but people buy it :/

    • Space Chief (Iron Sharp)

      And Warriors All Stars is coming to Western PSN… it will have Marie Rose and Honoka as DLC too….ka-ching!!! $$$

  • DemonGamer

    Well there is a “f2p” version (more like a glorified demo). but yeah I saw a few packs were R1000 alone , but luckily I never got into DoA.

    • Yeah, someone on the forum made me aware of that. Wasn’t aware there was a F2P version at all. Still, the DLC cost is bonkers.

      • Space Chief (Iron Sharp)

        Not nearly as bonkers as Banco and how much their idolm@ster DLC costs. The iOS games went for $75 each, and to have all 765 idols (name of the company) you’d have to buy all 3 games. You can check out idolmaster Viewing Revolution on Sony PSN and the DLC there. The games however they should have localised were Idolmaster One for All and Platinum Stars.

    • eyesuc

      f2p = Fap to Play?

      • DemonGamer

        That’s why they made vr , isn’t it ?

        • Space Chief (Iron Sharp)

          VR was made for Dead or Alive Xtreme 3.

      • Space Chief (Iron Sharp)


    • Space Chief (Iron Sharp)

      It’s a fully featured game, just only with 4 characters. You can of course purchase only the characters you like and then have the best fighting game for peanuts.

  • Wesley

    It is ONLY costumes though, so its really not such a big deal.
    Ive now and them wanted one of the costume packs, but they were too pricey for my liking.

    What i find mind blowing though, is that they must be selling enough of it to warrant making more.

    • Space Chief (Iron Sharp)

      People usually buy the outfits of their favourite characters. And your AI opponents can have non purchased outfits too.

  • That’s a lot of moola for bouncing digital boobs in swimsuits O.o

    • Space Chief (Iron Sharp)

      And lots of oiled up half naked dudes you can play as, or/and against too…. if the boobs are too distracting.

  • Space Chief (Iron Sharp)

    It is cheaper with season passes….

  • Space Chief (Iron Sharp)

    But seriously DOA is the best fighter. It’s quite technical so most scrubs tend to avoid it.

    • I’m a huge fan of the series. Just bought DOA2 for Dreamcast, and own 3/4 on Xbox/360. It’s just that I’m not a fan of this dlc, when you consider that in the past outfits were free on the disc.

      • Space Chief (Iron Sharp)

        Oh, sure, that’s good to know. My point was more about how the actual game which is brilliant is frowned upon among many people online and the excuse often given is ‘boobs’ or expensive DLC. It’s a very good, technical fighter and one can have your characters wear conservative outfits and turn the boob physics off. 🙂

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