Video: The legendary Pokémon Darkrai tears up the battlefield in the Pokkén Tournament DX trailer

It might not get much attention as a fighting game, but Pokkén Tournament is a pretty enjoyable experience. With solid mechanics and incredible netcode, it was the other fighter to have on Wii U and an absolute blast too. Pokkén Tournament had a lot going for it, but it, unfortunately, came out too late in the Wii U’s life to make any impact. Fortunately, we’ll soon get to head back in with the release of Pokkén Tournament DX on the Switch.

With the release of Pokkén Tournament on Switch we will also be able to play the as the Pokémon who were released in the arcade updates. This means we’ll finally be able to play as the legendary Pokémon Darkrai and if this short video is anything to go by, it’s going to be great.

It’s great seeing Darkrai in action and thankfully there look to be quite a few interesting things you can do with the Pokémon. It’s weird to think that the legendary with a weakness to fighting Pokémon is going to be in a fighting game, but thankfully typing isn’t a mechanic in Pokkén Tournament.

Pokkén Tournament DX releases on the Nintendo Switch on the 22nd of September 2017.

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