GT Sport won’t support microtransactions

Are you here because you find the news a little hard to believe? A quick glance at Gran Turismo 6 and it feels surreal that GT Sport will be launching without any microtransactions. If taking hours and hours to build up enough credits to buy that Ferrari you’re after caused to much problems in your life you simply bought the credits you were after in GT6 – not so in GT Sport.

In an interview with GT Planet, while at the PlayStation Experience that recently took place in Malaysia, the creator himself, Kazunori Yamauchi, confirmed that GT Sport won’t host any microtransactions. Whether it stays that way remains to be seen, but it’s quite a big deal when you consider that most games launch with some form of microtransactions service these days.

Using real-world money to buy credits to obtain that car you’re after might be something of the past in the Gran Turismo series and the purest racing fans will likely welcome that decision. It’s time to earn that special car again by racing well.

Gran Turismo Sport launches on 17 October exclusively for PS4.

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