LawBreakers launch numbers are poor and can’t keep up with Battleborn

Head back to just over a year in time ago and you might recall the incoming battle between Overwatch and Battleborn. It’s since become just about laughable when you compare the numbers between the two titles, with Battleborn bearing the scars of a battle lost. It wasn’t pretty and to this day Overwatch is still mocking any and all competition.

Next in line, it seems, is LawBreakers, Cliff B’s next big game from his own studio he had formed, Boss Key Productions. It launched on Tuesday, and since then things have not gone very well at all. When you consider that Battleborn had a peak of 12K players on the night of launch, and was considered a failure by most, then the peak of 3K for LawBreakers speaks volumes of the attachment rate to the game. There was a 60% reduction in players when you compare the beta numbers to launch and on launch day it failed to feature in the top 100 games on Steam.

Unfortunately the bad news doesn’t end there as the numbers are dropping off by the day, and it’s only been two days since launch. Peak is now at 2.7K and it looks like it’ll keep dropping at this rate. Battleborn ultimately went the free-to-play route and if there is no uptake in numbers Boss Key Productions might have to follow a similar path.



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