Jubei finally comes to BlazBlue: Central Fiction later this month

After years of memes, it’s finally happening. Jubei will soon be playable in the latest entry in the BlazBlue series and it couldn’t have come soon enough.

Jubei was announced at EVO 2017 and has been playable in arcades for a while, but it’s finally time for him to come to console. The last of the Six Heroes will become available on the 31st of August along with the 2.0 balance patch.

BlazBlue: Central Fiction 2.0 brings along quite a number of changes to the game’s cast as well as a few system updates. 2.0 is a free update to the game but Jubei himself comes at a price. For $7.99 (which is about R110 given other DLC on PSN) you can play as the long anticipated One-Eyed Twin Lotus. Jubei has been a recurring character in the game’s storyline who fans have wanted to be made available for ages. There have been a number of strange reasons as to why we haven’t gotten him, but now he’s on his way and looks rather great in the process.

For a better look at Jubei in action, check out this overview video:

BlazBlue: Central Fiction was released on console in 2016 and after a pretty hype EVO tournament, I can only hope the game manages to grow to the height of other popular fighting games.

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