Live Stream: Chicken dinner with a side of fresh memes please

People say change is as good as a holiday, well there are some changes coming to the stream that I think you are all going to love. Not only do we have the dankest memes in town but we have some big giveaways coming up over the next couple of weeks that you won’t want to miss. We also have a Discord server up and running for PUBG where you can post pictures of your chicken dinners as well as squad up with us and other PUBG players, check it out over here. A big thanks to NoodleZA for setting it all up.

Also the setup has changed, audio is cleaner and crisper than ever before, we have a new camera setup that shows my whole head instead of just my left nostril up close and we even have a new intro theme that will leave you feeling like you just got 3 chicken dinners back-to-back. With all that said let’s fire up a Duo match and kick some ass.

Let's start the weekend off with a dinner – PUBG O CLOCK!

Posted by SA Gamer on Friday, 11 August 2017

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