Monster Hunter Stories – Overview Trailer & demo now available

Nintendo released an EPIC overview trailer of the upcoming and highly anticipated (by myself) RPG Monster Hunter spin-off coming to the Nintendo 3DS – Monster Hunter Stories!

The trailer kicks off with the protagonist being chased by the infamous Tigrex and a narrator telling the story of individuals from ancient times…

Long ago in ancient times.
There were those who awakened a hidden power…
To open their their hearts and befriend the monsters of the world.
They called them…
Those who forge bonds with monsters.

In this RPG spin-off, players take on the interesting role of a monster hunter rider. Players will be able to find, hatch and customise  their monsters and, instead of hunting down the monsters, players will instead partner up with them. Riders will be able to travel through the air, water and on land. The game is set to release next month on the 8th of September. However the demo is now available, so what are you waiting for riders? Make sure you download it now and mount up!

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