Titanfall: Assault is available on your mobile device right now

Since EA was so generous to add Titanfall 2 to the EA Access vault, I’m been having a grand old time playing it. It has a fun and entertaining single player campaign, and the multiplayer is of the most engaging, fun and forthcoming I’ve experienced in a while. So naturally I want more of the universe that has been created by Respawn Entertainment.

In steps Titanfall: Assault, a mobile clash royale type game that pits players against one another where tactics and skill is necessary to overcome your enemy:

It’s an interesting premise, and it looks promising. I’m not too big on gaming on my smartphone, but since I like the universe, I am intrigued. It looks like it can be fun to play when you’re waiting for something, or just have a couple of minutes to kill. It’s a Free-To-Play game, and knowing how these things work, it might ruin the balance of the game.

That said, there are games that manage to balance the microtransactions that come with it pretty well, and hopefully Titanfall: Assault will prove to be one of them. Because I really need something to jam while sitting on the throne.

Titanfall: Assault is available on both iOS and Android devices.

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