Xbox and Windows 10 introduces Creators Collection

Xbox One and Windows 10 users will gain access to a section of indie games that aren’t curated by Microsoft through a new programme called the Creators Collection. This will effectively be the successor to the Xbox Live Indie Games category that subsequently stopped accepting new titles in 2015. This will see all those titles eventually no longer be for sale in the Store.

But hey, at least we’ll have this new program that offers similarly small experimental titles. As far as how the Creators Collection differs from Microsoft’s usual avenue of self-published games, the director of ID@Xbox explains how Creators Collection differs from the aforementioned Microsoft published indie titles:

“The Creators Program was established to enable developers to directly publish their games – any of their games – to Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs, with a simplified certification process and no concept approval required. Developers that publish through the Creators Program have the freedom and independence to develop games that are truly unique, resulting in a collection with games that can be quirky and have varying degrees of polish, but are always interesting.”

Creators Collection will have a subsection on the Xbox marketplace making it easier to find these among all the usual titles. Charla from ID@Xbox details the reason for the addition of a separate segment to the store:

“Why a special section? We think it’s awesome to open up development to anyway with no barriers – no traditional certification, no ‘concept approval,’ and no limitations, but we also listened to feedback from players, parents and developers who let us know they love the curated store experience on Xbox One. This gives us all the best of both worlds: A curated store and a fully open marketplace.”

The only drawback of the programme is that they won’t feature online multiplayer or have achievements to add to your existing accumulated score. The games will still appear in your Club, Hubs, Party Chat, and mixer streaming sections. There is a possibility that these games might receive the full treatment of achievements and multiplayer options in the future which will probably be determined by the developers and the success of the titles. Some of the titles might come with a price tag and others may not. Either way, Xbox and Windows 10 players will have a new influx of indie games to entertain themselves with.

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