Watch out, Pornbots may be on their way to your console

If you’ve been on the internet for more than a day, you’ve probably received a lovely message from a person with a lovely woman as their avatar and an intelligible username. The messages are usually flattering towards your genitalia and if you are ignorant enough, you may be drawn into this very sudden attention. However, these accounts were made by oily dudes who want to take your money by making bots that target people with malicious links. Most of us are privy to them, but they’re getting increasingly crafty.

Case in point, there have been an alarming number of reports that these pornbots are now on PSN and Xbox Live. People on NeoGAF have encountered them as well as some people on GameFAQs. A writer from Destructoid also wrote a chronicle about his encounter with an AI minx. Our very own Ash even said that he had some unsolicited messages in his inbox from complete randoms on Xbox Live. So, if you are on PSN or Xbox Live at all and find a strange message in your inbox, use your best judgement.

It’s silly and many of us have dealt with this kind of disappointment before, but it’s scary that the charlatans are now targeting consoles. As we know from playing Call of Duty, consoles are home to children and they can be influenced rather easily. It’s almost a meme at this point to say “think of the children”, but consoles are a home for relaxation and you can be caught off guard easily, especially since this isn’t a problem we usually face.

Pornbots are easy to spot, thankfully, so the majority of us do not have to worry but do be on the lookout if you received any saucy messages from complete strangers. I wonder if Sony or Microsoft might do something about this if it becomes an epidemic?

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