Fire Emblem Heroes receives four new heroes and a Paralogue Story

Nintendo released a new trailer showing off four new heroes coming to Fire Emblem Heroes. This mobile strategy title keeps on giving with no end in sight. The new heroes added to the summoning focus in the game include characters from the The Sacred Stones, which released on the Game Boy Advanced in 2005. Our heroes are known to fight alongside the protagonists Ephraim and Eirika in The Sacred Stones and are known as:

– Tana ‘Winged Princess’ and the Princess of Frelia
– Innes ‘Regal Strategician’  and the Prince of Frelia
– Amelia ‘Rose of the War’, a soldier from Grado
– Seth ‘Silver Knight’, a commander from Renais

These four heroes will be an incredible addition to any army of heroes and also appear in a new paralogue story also added to Fire Emblem Heroes, The Sacred World. Check out the full trailer below and don’t forget since this is another new summoning focus introduced to the game, players will have the first summons free.

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