Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy receives a new multiplayer mode – Survival Arena

If you think¬†think Naughty Dog’s focus is purely on their much anticipated Lost Legacy, then you’re sorely mistaken. Players who own Uncharted 4 and those who plans to pick up Lost Legacy, and who enjoys playing the online multiplayer segment of the game (believe us, it’s really good), is about to get a brand new mode thanks to the launch of Lost Legacy next week.

The new mode is called Survival Arena that’ll have you and up to two other friends taking on 100 new waves of enemies. According to the below announcement video you can expect new enemy types, new Siege zones and even new and improved wave modifiers. It’s a great reason to return for some Uncharted multiplayer goodness. Should you get stuck into the mode there is a new Savage Starlight Skeleton skin or two waiting to be unlocked.

Included in this update on 22 August players will have access to new skins for Chloe and Nadine, right out of Lost Legacy of course, and you’ll now have access to the antagonist, Asav, as a player character in multiplayer and survival modes.

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