Digital Extremes is working on a seemingly good hero shooter

Digital Extremes has become a household name in the free-to-play arena when they developed the ever evolving space ninja co-op game, Warframe, which turned out to be a pretty decent offering from the Canadian game developer. In May this year we got word that they’re working on a hero shooter title that went by the name of Keystone and we were blessed with some interesting art styles as well as a rather intriguing concept of “a competitive first-person shooter with a distinct blend of first-person action and deck-building strategies.” 

Since then the game has received a new name, The Amazing Eternals. The name doesn’t make a lot of sense at first glance, but when you look at the game’s mechanics of you and teammates are fighting in a mystical board game along with deck building, the picture becomes a bit clearer.

Closed alpha tests have been running for a while and the developers are just about ready to move into the beta phase of the project. Beta keys should start hitting inboxes in batches beginning 1 September 2017. To get a beta key you can sign up here. For those interested in signing up for the Founders Program on the 29 August, you’ll get instant access.

An interesting concept from a studio well known for its F2P offering, The Amazing Eternals might just be one of those games that stand out from the crowd.

Source: DE – The Amazing Eternals

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