Video: A modder is recreating Diablo 2 within Starcraft 2

Diablo 2 is easily one of the best games ever made and still has a massive following almost 20 years after its release. When it comes to new Diablo titles it seems Blizzard has a development cycle that lasts almost a decade so don’t expect to see Diablo 4 anytime soon. Luckily there is a massive modding community out there making very interesting mods such as egod123 who has used the Starcraft 2 editor to re-create Diablo 2 and it’s called The Curse of Tristram.

It always amazes me how modders put so much time and effort in to mods such as The Curse of Tristram knowing full well that any day a cease and desist could be served to them rendering their time on the project wasted. That has not happened just yet to egod123 and so he is carrying on with the project with a beta planned very soon. Take a look at some gameplay below and if you want to back his project you can find out more here.


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