Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System to include a rewind function

In five weeks time we’ll finally have access to one of the most anticipated throwbacks to yesteryear, the Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It’s a console many South Africans missed out on in the 90s thanks to Nintendo leaving our shores in that era. It comes packed with 21 classic Nintendo titles, that we’ve detailed before, but there is more magic buried under the hood of the grey exterior.

Nintendo have just released a video detailing the Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the various features that it’ll host. Some of us were wondering whether they’d keep the same ports as we saw on the original mini NES, and we can now confirm that it’s the same thing. What does this mean? If you only have one controller on your Mini NES you can now use a SNES controller to play 2-player games. Secondly, you can use the included two controllers to play Virtual Console NES and SNES games on your Wii or Wii U. It’s a win win situation. But there is more.

Returning once again is the ability to change up the filter. This includes CRT, 4:3 and pixel perfect filters. The frames can also be customised with some preset images (the black borders that appear around the game you’re playing on a wide-screen TV) and you can once again save your progress in one of four available slots per game. The biggest new addition comes in the form of a much needed rewind function. It works a little different to what you might have seen in something like the Disney Afternoon Collection, as it’s actually much better. You can rewind and move forward using the L and R shoulder buttons to get that perfect spot to retry a section.

Hopefully you got your pre-order in as it’s now quite tough to find at any online store around the country.

If you need more SNES in your life, they also announced a special SNES version of the 3DS.

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