Brink is now… free-to-play?

Brink was one of my biggest letdowns of 2011, and that’s in the year I graduated high school so you know it was particularly bad. The game was a decent enough multiplayer team shooter that had all the bells and whistles of the much more successful Team Fortress 2 but included some fancy parkour and even weirder looking characters. What was ultimately the letdown was that the game was touted as this revolutionary shooter set in a beautifully unique setting of humanity’s last vestige after floods have ravaged the world. It’s ripe for so many excellent things, but all it ended up being was a generic multiplayer shooter in a period where you couldn’t trip over yourself without falling into a multiplayer shooter.

Sufficed to say, Brink never built a strong following and the player numbers have dwindled to paltry lows over the years, but through a surprising move, Brink is now completely free-to-play on Steam. You can pick it up right here. There isn’t really any grand reason for it, but it’s presumably to just give a big jolt to the nonexistent player base. It’s just strange that they’re doing it six years after the fact.

So if you’re in the mood for a deficient Team Fortress 2 derivative with some parkour and Cockney accents, then you don’t have much of an excuse now, do you?

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