Gamescom: Watch Project Cars 2 flex its horse power

The original Project CARS was a labour of love that had both Slightly Mad Studios and a huge selection of community fans of the genre helping them tweak the game to something that’s more aimed at the purest racing enthusiast. The first title, in terms of presentation, was impressive but there was still lots of space for improvement… something that the new Gamescom trailer for the sequel oozes.

You only need to watch the below video once to realise that Project CARS 2 means business. It’ll include 5 disciplines, 29 series and 6 Tiers for you to drive in. Fight your way into the Hall of Fame, become a Factory Driver for 14 elite brands, white-knuckle your way in GT, Formula, Endurance, Touring, and rallycross championships in 180+ cars and 60+ tracks.

In a year that’s filled with many racing games it looks like Project CARS 2 will be reaching out to those who are serious about their racing titles and would like the most realistic representation that motorsport can offer. One thing is for sure, it looks gorgeous.

Project CARS 2 launches on 22 September for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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