Video: Night time racing around Nürburgring is looking good in Gran Turismo Sport

Considered to be the reason that sim racing was taken more seriously in gaming, Gran Turismo has lost some of its edge over the last decade. This can be due to the fact that the cars don’t handle quite as sim-like as modern gamers expect them to and that the competition has become quite stiff over the last few years. GT Sport wants to address many of these previous issues, and what better way than to give us something to drool over at the Nürburgring?

The jury is still out on the background details, perfectly hidden by the dark night in the video below, but when it comes to the cars it’s looking promising. Something else that stands out below is the sound quality of the engines. It’s something the Gran Turismo games have struggled with in the PS3 era, but it’s sounding much, much better. Hearing the engine roar, as you gear down into the iconic corner of Dunlop-Kehre, will send goosebumps down the spine of fans. Unfortunately you don’t get to see the entire lap (unless there’s a super car that can complete it in under 2:30), but there’s enough to get you a little excited for what could be a return to form for the once great racing franchise.

The below footage has been captured on the PS4 Pro, so be aware that it might not look quite as good on the base model.

Gran Turismo Sport launches on 17 October exclusively for PS4.

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