Xbox One X local release date unclear, and ZA cost removed from official site

If you’ve been keen on the local release of the Xbox One X then we have some worrying news for you. It’s now been confirmed that the local launch of the console is still undergoing approval and has, to date, not been finalised. In other words, expect a local delay of the Xbox One X. It’s probably expected by most as the Xbox 360, Slim, Xbox One and Xbox One S were all delayed well over 6 months after launch. Here is the official press release we received:

Johannesburg- 25 August 2017: Xbox South Africa would like to communicate to its fans that the clearance certification for the Xbox One X to land locally, is still in the approval process and has not yet been finalised. Until this has been done, the local arrival date cannot be confirmed for either availability or pre-orders.


“Ensuring that Xbox One X gets into the South African market as close to global release as possible is our main priority. We remain committed to our Xbox fans in South Africa., said Colin Baumgart, Consumer Director for Microsoft South Africa.


Distributed by Prima Interactive, the powerful new console will be available in select retail outlets. The estimated retail value and confirmation of availability dates will be announced closer to the time of arrival in the country.

Head to now and you’ll see that the nifty R7,499 price tag has also disappeared. Sorry Xbox One X fans, if you were waiting for that local release on launch you’re very likely out of luck. Hopefully a few consoles can still be secured in time for the holiday season in a few months time.

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