The original Xbox One is being discontinued

Do you remember that whole debacle that happened with the original announcement of the Xbox One back in 2013? That was quite the interesting time. What was supposed to be the ushering in of the new generation turned into this whole controversy-laden nightmare as we learned the Xbox One will be always-online, required a Kinect to function and was basically marketed as an NFL sports box. Xbox did finally get their ducks in a row, but their reputation is still haunted by the disaster today.

Now, the Xbox One that started it all, the gigantic VCR-looking monstrosity, is being discontinued. You won’t find the OG Xbox One on Microsoft’s official store anymore and there won’t be any stock of it moving forward. A spokesperson told Glixel, “As is typical for the console industry, we stopped manufacturing the original Xbox One when we introduced Xbox One S.”

It’s an end of an era, but the big Xbox One will still live on in our hearts and those of us that have one can still use it to hit a robber over the head with it. It was a pretty inevitable move as the Xbox One S has become the standard model and the upcoming Xbox One X will be the prime Xbox console to buy. We’ll probably see the OG Xbox in our stores for a while still, but they’ll slowly begin phasing out.

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