Destiny 2 getting HDR support on PS4 Pro after launch

The Destiny 2 PC Beta is currently in full swing, and one thing I’ve taken out from it so far, although I can’t really play it, is that it looks amazing on the beefed up settings that PC provide.

The console versions of the game is obviously a little bit scaled down from that, with the standard PS4 and Xbox One giving players pretty much the same experience as with Destiny 1, while the stronger, PS4 Pro, and upcoming Xbox One X, will be supporting 4K resolution for Destiny 2. Something that is a bit of a strange omission though is HDR support for the game on consoles.

It’s not available on launch, but will be patched in after launch according to a recent trailer’s disclaimer for the PlayStation version of the game. This trailer specifically mentions the PS4, but one can assume the Xbox One X will have HDR support as well once the console becomes available internationally a bit later this year. When this update will be available for PS4 Pro owners is not known yet.

Source: Polygon

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