.hack://G.U. Last Recode trailer introduces The World with a release date

If I had to single out the series that got me seriously into anime, I’d have to say it was .hack//. Obviously quite a few of us started with Dragon Ball Z (bless you SABC 2), but .hack// was something else. The concept of The World, the game in which the various .hack// series occur, is fascinating and it helps that the shows are pretty good to boot.

Now never being able to get my hands on the PS2 .hack// games kinda sucked. It’s not that they’re the greatest games ever made, but the experience would have been nice. Thankfully Bandai Namco are going above and beyond with this HD remaster.

.hack//G.U. Last Recode will include the original PS2 G.U. trilogy as well as a new fourth chapter, Reconnection. It will also include the Terminal Disc, which includes a video collection of the original game series. Overall, Last Recode looks like a fantastic package for anyone who wants to get into the series or even return to it. A lot of love and care has gone into the 15th anniversary celebration and fans will surely appreciate it. .hack://G.U. Last Recode will release on PS4 and PC on November 3, 2017 which means players don’t have to wait too long to re-enter The World.

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