Semblance is the first South African-developed game heading to the Switch

Yesterday afternoon Nintendo showed off a video of their upcoming Nindie games heading to the Switch later this year. It included much anticipated titles such as Steamworld Dig 2, Monster Boy, Flipping Death, Hollow Knight and Owlboy among several other games, but there was one game in particular that stood out for us – Semblance.

If you enjoy puzzle platformers then Semblance is made for you. You play as a character made from dough that requires you to squish, squash and deform yourself through various worlds and challenges. We at SA Gamer were lucky enough to spend some time with Ben Myres, one of the game’s developers, while attending E3 earlier this year where he was promoting his game on a daily basis. Unlike other parts of the world it’s not easy business for South African’s to get their game featured in a highlight reel such as the one below, so be sure to check it out and keep an eye open for that release date. For more information on Nyamakop’s Semblance check their official website.

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