Team PlayBell brings Tekken 7: Virtual Vengeance to Cape Town this weekend

In Cape Town? Play Tekken 7? Want to bop some locals? Well, it looks like this weekend has an event for you.

From the alleyways of Bellville, Team PlayBell is back to bring you a challenge not to be missed!
Cape Town needs a new champion, and Tekken 7 Virtual Vengeance is the tournament to make your name stand out!

Team PlayBell will be hosting a Tekken 7 tournament at The Luckshack in Milnerton this coming weekend. After a successful Grand Master Challenge in March, Team PlayBell are bringing us Virtual Vengeance to find a Cape Town Tekken champion. All the details you need are as follows:


Upping the ante, Team PlayBell will also provide cash prizes for the top three players. With R1,500 on the line for first place, you best bring your A game if you want to be Cape Town’s King of the Iron Fist. Even if you don’t feel like you’re the best Tekken player out there, it’s still great to participate and support the local fighting games community. The worst that can happen is you meet a couple of players who share a passion for these games and are keen to help others improve.

Players can register here, with the registration fee payable on the day.

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