Welcome Nintendo Switch Pop Up Zone, South Africa’s own Nintendo World

As a gamer there are always one or two things you hope to attend or visit in your life. Whether it’s E3, Gamescom, BlizzCon or any form of gathering where gamers get to share moments with people of the same interest, it’s something that always feels that stretch too far. If you’re a Nintendo gamer then chances are that you’d give your left arm just to walk into that magical store of Nintendo World in New York. Some are fortunate enough to achieve that, but for most it’s a pipe dream. Thankfully Nintendo South Africa is about to turn that pipe dream into a green warp pipe, to a land filled with all forms of Nintendo goodness.

Last night Nintendo South Africa officially launched the Nintendo Switch Pop Up Zone in Johannesburg, Sandton City. It’s the first time we’ve seen a local gaming brand receiving its own store in a mall. In fact, it could be the very first one to be so diverse. Inside you’ll find unique Nintendo merchandise that goes from anything to t-shirts to plushies or Switch games and hardware. You’ll also find several Nintendo Switch stations set up with the latest and greatest games available on the Nintendo Switch for you to test out before you buy it, or if you’ve always been keen to see just what the console is capable of.

There are plans in line that’ll include special game launch initiatives and tournaments where players will walk away with some great prizes and of course bragging rights. There’s also a dedicated area for players to sit down and chill with other users to LAN a game or two, either using in-store units or their own. Think of it as more of a lifestyle experience where you’re virtually standing in the Mushroom Kingdom surrounded by other people with the same interest as you.

For the next 10 days (including today) players who have been keen to check out FIFA on the Switch will get to do just that, so be quick, but if you’ve been wondering whether Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or ARMS is your kind of game you can now test it before you buy. For more details be sure to visit their official web site.

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