Keyboard and mouse support is “definitely” still coming to the Xbox One

Since the launch of the original Xbox the players have been pleading with Microsoft to include keyboard and mouse support for their hardware. Yes, it’s a console, but seeing that it comes from THE biggest player in the PC world it made logic sense that keyboard and mouse support should form a part of their strategy.

Since then the 360 and now the Xbox One has launched without support for keyboard and mouse, and now that most first-party Xbox One games are crossover with PC players there is a bigger demand for it. They’ve promised in the past that it’s something they’re working on, but now we had another bit of confirmation that it’s still coming via Xbox director, Mike Ybarra, while speaking on a panel at PAX West over the weekend:

We have to be very smart in how we do that. We’ll leave it a lot up to developer choice. A lot of people tweet me and say, ‘You can’t do this because of fairness,’ and we understand that. We run two platforms; the Windows platform and the Xbox platform.

If you have a competitive game, people probably are going to want the choice to say I’ll play with other keyboard and mouse people or I’ll play only with controller people, or that I’ll play with any of those. So you’ll see our first games supporting keyboard and mouse soon; I can’t announce what that is, but soon. And then based on developer interest, they’ll choose to do keyboard and mouse going forward, or not.

It sounds like it’s closer than ever that it’ll become a reality soon, and would be great for console players. Let’s hope we can eat that carrot soon. For now old school player can go play their 1999 games with keyboard and mouse on the SEGA Dreamcast…

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