Earn double EXP & SP for the next week in Fire Emblem Heroes

If you logged into Fire Emblem Heroes yesterday you will have noticed some new notifications popped up. Included in these notifications are a new summoning focus and a notification that advises players of an event that grants EXP and SP. Lets dive deeper into the flames shall we.

The new summoning focus namely “Summoning Focus: Heroes with Threaten Def” focuses on heroes who have the ‘Threaten Def’ skill. Put simply, the skill basically drops the defense of opposing units within a 2 space radius. The heroes prioritised in this summons are:

  • Ephraim – Restoration Lord equipped with a lance
  • Pero – Playful Slayer equipped with a lance but also on horseback
  • Raven – Peerless Fighter equipped with an axe

There is also a ‘Double EXP & SP Event’. This event runs from the 4th of September to the 11th of September and will grant players extra Exp from story maps, training tower, special maps and the arena. Players will also receive double the amount of SP for defeating enemy units and healing allies.

The summoning focus runs from the 4th of September to the 18th of September so good luck in your summons and don’t forget that the first one is free.

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