Travis could Strike Again on other consoles

I guess being the most “punk” console can’t win you everything.

Travis Touchdown has kept out of the limelight for a bit too long but with the announcement of Travis Strikes Again last week, he’s the name on everyone’s lips. The No More Heroes series of games are definitely an interesting breed and something a lot of people unfortunately missed out on. Being a Wii exclusive meant that the game had quite a few interesting features, but was very difficult to bring to other platforms. With the release of Travis Strikes Again, however, it might not be an as open-and-shut case.

In an interview with DualShockers, Suda51 explained how much he enjoyed working on Nintendo’s different hardware with the various options they provide. He even went as far to call Nintendo “by far the most punk” hardware manufacturer and I guess the statement makes a lot of sense. Over the years Nintendo have been bucking the popular trends of the industry and while it has been a bit hit or miss, it has been appreciated in its own way.

This all being said however, Suda51 did not rule out the idea of Travis appearing on other consoles. Giving the idea a strong maybe, there is at least a chance that Travis Strikes Again may appear on other platforms. Considering the first No More Heroes managed a port to PS3 and Xbox 360, while the sequel didn’t, I guess we’ll just have to accept the maybe.

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