Video: Mount and Blade 2: Banner Lord gets a new gameplay trailer

Whenever a trailer for Mount and Blade 2: Banner Lord gets released I cross my fingers that it will end with a release date. Alas, it seems TaleWorlds Entertainment are still tight lipped about the release of their new game that has been in development for around 5 years now.

At E3 this year the developers mentioned a 2017 release is planned but we have heard nothing since then and I wouldn’t hold my breath either as there are only a few months of the year left. We will most likely see the game release next year but at least we have a new gameplay video showing off the new Captain Mode to drool over.

The Mount and Blade series has always prided itself on very realistic medieval combat and judging by the below video things are looking very good in the combat department. Captain Mode focuses on smaller conflicts between two opposing sides but the game does also allow for mass battles with teams consisting of hundreds of soldiers. Take a look at the below gameplay video and let us know what you think?

Source: PCGamer

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