Fire Emblem Heroes receives new features in update 1.7.0

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems yesterday updated the mobile strategy wonder Fire Emblem Heroes. Version 1.7.0 not only includes a few new features but in the midst of it we also get more free orbs. So what’s new, lets have a look.

Starting it off we have ‘Ally Support’. In certain Fire Emblem titles when the heroes battle together or alongside one another their bonds strengthen which can lead to bonuses. And now it seems that Fire Emblem Heroes will be receiving this feature. Ally Support grants units that are in close proximity of each other on the battlefield a stat boost. Whats more is that the higher these heroes’ support rank, the better the stat boost will be. The support rank starts at rank C and moves on to rank B, rank A and finally rank S. The boosted stats include defence, speed and attack to name a few.

Next up we have ‘Summoner Support’. This feature is similar to Ally Support in terms of your hero still gaining a stat boost. However in summoner support it is you the player that will choose a single hero and create a bond with him or her. This hero will gain stat boosts such as increased HP, defence, speed and attack depending on their support rank. A good thing to remember is that boosts from both Ally Support and Summoner Support stack.

Finally to conclude the big features added in the latest version we find that the Inherit Skill receives a search function. You heard right, players can finally search for heroes with specific skills. Trust me when I say that this is going to make life so much easier for players that change their heroes skills.

Other small changes from the update include:
– from the 12th of September players will now receive score for defending in arena assault
– the units now have their numbers in the frames of their portraits
– settings have been added that allow the players to select the following functions – Map: No Animation and Auto: No Animation

To celebrate the release of this new version Nintendo will also be giving away free orbs from the 7th of September to the 22nd of September. Also make sure to keep your eyes on the schedule below released by Nintendo on all events within Fire Emblem Heroes in the month of September.

As always, good luck in your summons heroes.

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