Video: As a first time Destiny player, here is what Dave likes most about Destiny 2

I have had plenty of fun with Destiny 2 on both the PC beta and now with the final PS4 release. I am planning on racking up plenty more hours in the coming months to get my Titan to a high level kitted with some exotics. Destiny 2 had been a very interesting experience for me, since I didn’t really play the first game I was curious if I would get lost in the story jumping in. Believe it or not the story in Destiny is very straight forward and you certainly don’t need to play the first game to know what’s going on. For me the biggest highlight is the co-op gameplay with friends, this is where I will be spending most of my time in the future. The Strike Missions and Adventure Missions are packed with loot to find and waves of enemies to kill so there is certainly lots to do with your fire team.

I made a video highlighting some of my thoughts on my time with Destiny over the last few weeks and if you are also new to the series don’t hesitate to ask me a few questions down below.

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