Video: Middle-earth: Shadow of War gets a tribe of Orc Ninjas

Over the last few months we have been introduced to a few of Talion’s Orc allies as well as some of the new Orc tribes. However, it looks like there are more tribes roaming the lands in Middle-earth: Shadow of War and this latest tribe, The Dark Tribe, looks to be the best yet.

It looks like the Dark Tribe are experts at stealth and can use the darkness to slip undetected into enemy bases. Not only that but they can move silently like Ninjas, so you could say they are the ninjas of Middle-earth. The Dark Tribe is just one of the tribes you will encounter in Middle-earth: Shadow of War, and I must say they look to be my favorite.

It’s hard to believe the game is out in a month’s time with the October 10th release date just around the corner. Take a look at the Dark Tribe in action below and let us know how they stack up against the other tribes we have seen thus far?

Source: Shadow of War

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