DreamHack Montreal winner donates all winnings to Irma relief efforts

Over the weekend, DreamHack’s Montreal edition brought the fighting games to the Great White North. Those who were able to watch were treated to some great fighting game play but as the tournament closed, the focus has been on the charity of one player.

DreamHack Montreal is not the biggest tournament of the DreamHack series but still acts as a major tournament for fans. While Smash is the main event of DreamHack, Street Fighter V always has a shining spot. This year, Team Liquid’s Du “NuckleDu” Dang took home the grand prize after taking top spot in the SFV tournament. After the ceremony, NuckleDu announced on Twitter that the $10,000 prize money would be donated for Hurricane Irma relief efforts. NuckleDu (from Florida), beat out legendary FGC figure Justin Wong to win the tournament.

Over the last three weeks, America has seen two Category 4 Hurricanes hit mainland. The first was Hurricane Harvey which brought devastation to Texas. Now, Hurricane Irma is doing significant damage to the South Eastern coast. Due to the level of destruction, relief efforts and charity drives have been set up. NuckleDu is just one example of how the video game community is showing support.

Games Done Quick ran an impromptu stream two weeks ago where all donations would go to Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts (specifically the Houston Food Bank). Announced just two days before it was set to start, the stream had over 350 volunteers ready to stream from their homes. The event raised $225,000 over the 72 hours being a huge success.

Developer Bungie has also gotten involved in the money raising for Hurricane Harvey. Two weeks ago, the company announced that it would be selling a special pin via their official store. The pin costs $14,99 and also gives an in-game exclusive emblem for Destiny 2. The proceeds would go to Direct Relief in partnership with the Bungie Foundation.

It is always heartwarming to see the gaming community step away from the toxicity for just enough time to focus on charity and support. Outside of these two examples, many streamers have dedicated donations to charities to help the victims. If you wish to provide support, the links to the Houston Food Bank and Direct Relief are here.

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