Video: Hunt: Showdown gets a new video detailing its level design

It looks like Hunt: Showdown is starting to show some real potential since it’s showing at E3 this year. This online competitive shooter looks like a mix of The Order and the first Crysis. In this latest developer diary video creative director Magnus Larbrant discuss the level design in Hunt: Showdown and how it is actually very similar to Crysis in terms of how they have designed the open world.

You will be able to freely explore the very atmospheric map and approach compounds any way you choose. There will not be any scripted events and no two playthrough will ever play the same thanks to the randomly generated monsters which will mean the player needs to constantly be on their guard. The levels are also designed with quick and noisy options to get into some buildings, but that will give your position away.

It’s no surprise that Hunt: Showdown runs on the Crytek Engine which means visually the game will certainly be impressive. Take a look at the latest developer diary below detailing the thought behind the level design and let us know what you think?

Source: Hunt: Showdown

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