The Switch version of Wonder Boy outperformed the others in sales

This year, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap recreated a classic for modern systems. The animated remake was well received, but months after launch, developer LizardCube is talking sales. In a surprising announcement, the Switch version was the most successful by a wide margin.

Gamasutra released a story yesterday on the state of porting games to the Nintendo Switch. Writer Thomas Faust spoke to numerous indie developers including LizardCubs’s Omar Cornut. Cornut gave quite a surprising bit of information when talking about Wonder Boy’s sales on the Switch.

Cornut told Faust that the team has sold “more copies of Wonder Boy on the Switch than the three other platforms we released on combined.” Those other three platforms refer to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. While no specific numbers were provided, this is still quite the reveal.

The Nintendo Switch only released in early March this year so the news that Wonder Boy found its biggest success on a still budding platform is worth taking note of. Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap had a simultaneous release on all platforms but the Switch was the breadwinner. Needless to say, the Switch had the smallest user base.

This hopefully indicates that there is success for developers looking to port games to the Switch. It has been a huge success worldwide with many countries still struggling to keep up with demand. With Wonder Boy proving the value of the platform, others are sure to follow. Nintendo has also shown a new dedication to indie developers by even holding showcases for them.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap released in April this year to positive reception. The gorgeous looking remake is a loving recreation of the original Wonder Boy III. The game featured a new animated look and updated music. It also let you play as Wonder Girl, which is always worth mentioning.

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