Rumour: Injustice 2 could be heading to PC in a Flash

I mean, it was bound to happen right? Even after the dumpster fire that was launch Mortal Kombat X, Warner Bros. couldn’t say no to that sweet PC. When Injustice 2 was announced for PS4 and Xbox One we all guessed that Warner learned their lesson from their previous buggy releases and just assumed it would eventually make its way to PC. Well, it looks like that release may not be too far away if these pulled listings are to be believed.

It may or may not be accurate, but a Deluxe Edition of Injustice 2 for PC appeared on the French Amazon website, with a listing also appearing on a Dutch retailer’s site (as seen below). There weren’t many details to go off but it wouldn’t be the first time an online retailer has let the cat out of the bag. Being listed for 2017 does seem a little strange, but maybe we’ll hear more on that soon.

While it could be possible that this is just a case of retailers jumping the gun, this delayed release makes sense. Warner saw a lot of backlash following the Mortal Kombat X and Batman: Arkham Knight debacles so giving Injustice 2 a delayed release once all the content was out is a sensible thing to do. Hopefully, we’ll find out soon whether or not there’s any truth to these listings and hopefully, we won’t see another mess of a launch.

Source: wccftech

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