Destiny 2’s Leviathan Raid beaten in six hours

Every time a Raid dropped in Destiny, Fireteams went in to see who can clear it first. It was no different last night when The Leviathan Raid became available. It was beaten in six hours by a clan called, The Legend Himself.

The Raids are the hardest things to do in the Destiny franchise. To give some perspective, The Vault of Glass, which was the first Raid in Destiny 1, took about 10 hours to clear for the first time, and King’s Fall, the raid that came with The Taken King expansion, took about seven hours. All of these can be cleared much quicker once you know what you are doing.

In true Destiny fashion, the team over at Bungie was watching several streams and cheering the guys on, and congratulated The Legend Himself on their victory:

Slight Spoilers:

In celebration, they also announced that a new Crucible map, called Emperor’s Respite, has also been made available for everyone.

I think there’s still a lot to come and things to see with this game, with content being made available as we go along to keep people interested. I have no problem with this, as I’m really enjoying this game at the moment.

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