Video: Ghost Recon Wildlands ‘Ghost War’ standalone beta is open to everyone next week

It looks like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ influence is spreading quickly. First is was Fortnight and GTA V and now Ghost Recon: Wildlands have added PvP modes that resemble the popular Battle Royale shooter. The difference in Ubisoft’s version is that it will be limited to two teams of 4 players that will be battling it out. I think a game like Ghost Recon: Wildlands is perfect for a PvP mode, but I also think they need to pump up the player count to at least 24 because I fear 8 may make games feel like a bit of a… errr… ghost town. I could be wrong however, and the only way to find out is to play it, which we will all be able to do next week. A “stand-alone open beta” will begin on 21 September and run until 25 September, and will be available to everyone, regardless if you own the base game or not.

There will also be 12 classes to choose from and judging by the below trailer fire fights look to be pretty intense. What do you guys think of Ghost War? Do you think it will topple PUBG off the throne?

Source: Ubisoft US

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  • DemonGamer

    Apples to oranges !

  • Small Charlie

    Only having two teams might make it a bit boring. But if you could have something where you have a couple of 4 player teams going, then I think they might be onto something. Like Dave said. 24 players (6 teams) or even 32 players (8 teams)

    But imagine you have 8 teams landing on that massive map, duking it out, as it gets smaller, plus maybe having to deal with the NPC enemies. Can get frantic

    • David Kozlowski

      Ya I think with more players this could be really good. I can’t believe it’s two teams only, what a missed opportunity.

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