Blizzard’s office dogs have to be good dogs and sign NDAs

In Irvine, California lies the Blizzard campus. Home to some of the most loved and explored franchises in the PC gaming world. It is home to the magic of Azeroth and if you thought that things couldn’t get any better, it is also full of the staff’s pets.

Blizzard has over 750 registered pets, with 50% of those being regular visitors. That is more than 700 dogs, 36 cats, five bunnies, four aquariums (sorry fish, you aren’t counted separately) and a turtle.

To stop the office from becoming complete bedlam, there are a few rules that need to be adhered to. The pets have to be registered, they need to have a suitable environment on the campus, and nearby office workers need to be comfortable with them being around. Pets need to be fully trained, licensed and registered and can’t enter the kitchens or cafe. (Obviously my dogs would not be allowed here as they are completely untrained and would be in the kitchen begging for snacks.) Oh and top stop the pets from spilling the saucy details to the press or their peers at the next walk in the park, the animals sign non-disclosure agreements, pawprints and all.

I haven’t heard of any secrets getting out because of a pet yet, so I guess they are all good boys and girls. Now I am going to spend more time looking at the doggos and puppers of Blizzard. Flint the Chief Treat Analytics Officer is one of my favourites.

Source: PC GamesN

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