Humble has raised an astounding $100 million for charity

Gamers love good deals. By how you guys love our sales post every week, we can clearly see that. It’s all fine and good to buy a game, but what if you can buy the game at half its price a little while later? What if you can buy multiple games in a convenient package and also support charity? That’s what Humble tapped into with their famed Humble Bundle that has been going since 2010.

The idea is simple; pay what you want and you can get the first tier of games. Pay more than the average to get more games and pay some more to get premium games at a very affordable price. All of the proceeds can be controlled where a cut goes to the developers, Humble themselves and then finally charities. No weirdness involved, it’s as simple as that and the charity contribution has exceeded a whopping $100 million.

Here is a video by Humble where the charities they have supported thank them for their help. It might bring a tear to your eye:

That’s a huge amount of money just from gamers that wanted some sweet deals. However, this was a team effort. Via word-of-mouth and intelligent charity campaigns, Humble has tapped into quite a big market. Developers are usually glad to offer up their games for the cause and they also win by getting some more exposure. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone, including the consumers, the developers, Humble as a company and the various charities around the world that need help.

Humble is certainly not the only place that gives money to deserving charities. Awesome Games Done Quick raised a record-breaking $2.2 million this year and Twitch is not short of broadcasters running marathon streams for charity. Us gamers can be a fickle bunch, sometimes letting negative emotions define us. However, this all shows that we are more than that. We are kind and we are willing to give to those in need.

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