Final Fantasy XV’s multiplayer expansion gets dated, prepare for road trips

Final Fantasy XV has received some fantastic post-release support. The game could have just released and been just fine after a few tweaks, but Square Enix is determined to give us as much Final Fantasy XV as we can handle. We already received two episodes following Gladiolus and Prompto with one for Ignis coming soon, but there’s also the other major addition which is multiplayer.

It’s called Comrades and it does exactly what you would think. It’s multiplayer within the Final Fantasy XV world. We’ve already received details surrounding the expansion, but we were not sure when it will release until today. The expansion will release on the 31st of October and will be a part of the current season pass and also sold separately. Here’s the trailer with sappy music to get you excited:

I personally don’t really care for multiplayer because I’m a friendless agoraphobic, but it will be interesting to see how the multiplayer transition will be for a main series Final Fantasy title. We already have a Final Fantasy MMO with Final Fantasy XIV that is still going on, but that is its own huge thing at this point. We’ll see on Halloween whether this will cut it.

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