The Nintendo Switch comes with the most heartfelt Easter egg, honouring Satoru Iwata

For the past week several Nintendo fans across the globe have been struggling to decipher an Easter egg puzzle on the Nintendo Switch. Each and every Nintendo Switch console, yours included, comes with a pre-installed NES game. The game in question is Golf. What made this find unique was not only that it appeared on the system, but that it, for the first time, included motion controls too. There was only one major problem – no one could find a way to unlock the game.

A person that goes by the name of yellows8 has finally discovered how it can be unlocked, but we’ll have to wait until 2018 to see it in action. The Golf NES game can only be unlocked on 11 July. That happens to be the anniversary of former Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, passing. There’s however more to it. To unlock it on that particular day you have to mimic his hand gesture from his Nintendo Direct videos (“Directly to you”) to activate the game. Whether this game will still be included on 11 July 2018 or removed from a future firmware update remains to be seen, but for now it’s easily one of the most heartfelt Easter eggs that has ever been found on any console.

Here is exactly how yellows8 described his finding:

The loaded date originates from network-time-sync’d time, regardless of whether the user has it enabled or not. When the system was never connected to the Internet, it comes from the user-specified date instead. This is loaded from the time service-cmds, with the actual time-sync being handled by NIM.

It’s considered that it’s been included by staff members to honour their former beloved president – the man who took a salary cut (instead of retrenching staff) when times were hard for Nintendo in the previous generation and the guy who just about single-handedly changed their fortunes thanks to his part he played in the development and concept of the Nintendo Switch, as well as the Wii and 3DS before it. You might be wondering why they used ‘Golf’ of all the titles available in their huge library? He was the programmer for that particular game back in the early 80s.

Nintendo has always been a very different company in the way that they approach both their hardware and software, and this is once again another example of what makes them so unique.

Here is a video of it in action. Be aware that if you used the internet to set up your time on the console you can’t change it, it only works with a brand new Switch out the box that’s not been setup online:

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