Get ready to battle the elements in this Project CARS 2 launch trailer

The crazy time of the year is upon us and for racing game fanatics the next four weeks are going to provide three top class racing experiences. First out of the gates will be Project CARS 2 that launches as soon as tomorrow for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Much has improved over the original game and the launch trailer below shows off just what to expect.

The number of cars has been bumped up to 180 vehicles, now with Ferrari and Porsche also in the fold. In terms of tracks there is much to be excited about as you’ll venture to 60 different locations with over 140 track variations. Rallycross will also make a showing for the first time, which means you should ready yourself for some exciting sideways drifting around tracks. The biggest improvement might be the dynamic weather elements that can change up mid-race and produce puddles, a downpour or even snow that turns the roads into sheets of slippery ice.

If you’re after that simulation racer fix Project CARS 2 is a promising ride.

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