Dragon Ball FighterZ story teaser entices with some old fashioned ambiguity

We may have settled into the idea that fighting games have lackluster storylines, but recently a couple of games have bucked that trend. Injustice 2 and, to a degree, Guilty Gear Xrd have shown us that a fighting game can have an enjoyable story. It’s possible to get a decent narrative out of a fighting game, but that’s not the core requirement of the genre. So now we sit in a bit of an interesting situation and I hope Dragon Ball FighterZ is able to deliver in this aspect as well.

As it stands, the prospects of Dragon Ball FighterZ are pretty good. The game looks fantastic with a lot of interesting gameplay to enjoy. I might be a little biased because I love Arc System Works’ work, but I am eagerly anticipating this beautiful game. That being said, I also hope the game is able to deliver in the storyline department. Judging by this story trailer though things are definitely set to be interesting…

Are those zombie Z-Warriors? What’s going on here? What does the new Android 21 have to do with all this? This was a teaser for the story trailer, so hopefully we’ll get more information soon. This is all going to get really anime really quickly and I absolutely can’t wait.

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