Suda 51’s 25th Ward unleashes on English speakers in 2018

Suda 51 has over time become a cult icon through the weird and wonderful game he works on. Yet some of his first steps within the industry were too out there for localisers at the time. Well now another classic, The 25th Ward: The Silver Case is getting an English release.

Announced while the Tokyo Game Show was in full swing, NIS announced they will be publishing the game in the west. The news broke earlier this year that The 25th Ward was getting a remaster. Now four months later, there is confirmation of an English release to finally present the oddity of detective work in 2018 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

This is not just a port however as the 25th Ward is getting a lot of work done. The visuals, sound and controls will be getting reworked. The game will also feature new story segments written by Suda himself and developed by Grasshopper Manufacture.

The 25th Ward was the sequel to one of Suda’s first big projects The Silver Case. Matching the weirdness of the game’s tone, the platform and release form were also quite unique. The 25th Ward originally released in 2005 for the Mobile platform in Japan. The original release was episodic meaning players had to wait and buy each chapter with each having five episodes.

For years Suda referred to The 25th Ward as a “Ghost game” due to the original platform. There was a DS version planned but it never materialised. This new version for PS4 and PC will be the first release of the game in thirteen years. It will also be the first time English speakers can take a swing at some Visual Novel strangeness.

Early this year, the original Silver Case released on the PlayStation 4 and PC for the first time in English. Hopes were high that the sequel would also get a western release but it was hard to determine. The 25th Ward is looking to bring players back to a world that can only come from Suda’s warped psyche.

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