Noclip’s new documentary series covers the origins of The Witcher

Danny O’Dwyer is back at it again with his Noclip Documentary series. His new project is looking at the popular Western RPG franchise: The Witcher. With the 10th anniversary of the series last month, there is no better time to look back its history.

The first episode of the six-part series was uploaded yesterday and is already starting off strong. Before Noclip can look at the series that made them renowned, it has to look at the origins of developer CD Projekt Red.

The 30-minute long premiere starts off by providing insight into the video game market of Poland and CD Projekt’s co-founder’s own history with the medium. From the political climate and game distribution, it presents a fascinating look at a market often ignored. Noclip delves into CD Projekt’s first steps at game localisation until the studio decided to step into development. Their first big move was making a deal to acquire the rights to a popular local fantasy series.

This is not Noclip’s first time focusing on the big companies of the video game industry. Earlier this year the crowd-funded documentary series tackled the fall and rise of Final Fantasy XIV. With the channel just recently celebrating its first anniversary, it has made huge waves presenting some of the best retrospective content on YouTube.

This is only the first part of Noclip’s longest documentary series. The next episode will examine the first steps of how Geralt’s video game journey started. The trailer for the series laid out all the intended release dates for upcoming episodes. The next episode called “Remembering The Witcher 1 & 2” is set to launch tomorrow.

If you would like to support O’Dwyer and Noclip, head on over to their Patreon. For providing $10 a month, patrons can have access to the unedited interviews, behind the scenes and cut footage. For other Noclip documentaries, head on over to their YouTube channel.

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