Video: PUBG – best kills highlight reel week 1

For those that missed it, we managed to plate up a chicken dinner on the Military Base Monday stream. It was a tense game that had me tapping into my Jedi reflexes but we managed to secure the win. Speaking of Jedi reflexes I have been pulling off some great kills lately and thanks to the power of the ShadowPlay replay function I can share those moments with you all.

Below not only will you see the final moments of my recent dinner but a couple of my best one-shot kills. For those that have played PUBG you will know that it is not as easy as it looks, especially when you add the fact that your heart is beating at around 155 beats per a minute and you have to try stop your hand from shaking on the mouse. Expect more highlight reels in the future as I don’t think people will stop playing PUBG anytime soon, enjoy.

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