Final Fantasy XIV is changing its veteran reward system for the better

Final Fantasy XIV doesn’t shy away from a peppering of cross game homage. Outfits from protagonists of other Final Fantasy games are present and it just adds to the feeling that this game is a celebration of all things Final Fantasy.

Now Square Enix is changing up its veteran rewards system, from what felt like an unfair amount of required subscription time to something a lot more manageable. In patch 4.1 the change to the veteran rewards will apply.

If you want to look like Cloud from Advent Children, you previously needed to have an active subscription for 720 days, which is two years. Now you need 60 days, so two months will net you the Strife Vest, Strife Gloves, Strife Bags and Strife Boots.

The Tantalus reward previously took 1080 days of subscription or three years of subscription. It has been reduced to 150 days.

Wild Rose has dropped from 840 days (28 months) to 240 days.

The Leonhart outfit used to require 1440 days (which is a staggering four years) of subscription, which is down to 330 days.

This means that the longest you will have to sub for is 11 months, as opposed to the previous requirement of four years. While it is easy for some to subscribe for that long, not everyone is that patient or has the money and some players might have felt forced to keep subs active to work towards that massive 1440 day reward. Once the patch goes live tomorrow, players who are now eligible for rewards will get them shortly after the update. There is no bonus for if you already had the veteran rewards.

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