Pokémon Trainers get ready to travel to infinity & beyond in Ultra Sun & Moon!

The Pokémon Company recently released a new trailer for the upcoming Pokémon titles Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon. The trailer shows off the player travelling far beyond the confines of the tropical island Alola into Ultra Space. The trailer also reveals new Pokémon and a new enemy team to battle and take on known as Ultra Recon Squad. It would seem that players will take on this squad in a place that is being called Ultra Megalopolis, a place without light.

Players will be taking on the Ultra Beasts in their own environments as well as encounter the following new Ultra Beasts:

UB Adhesive
Poison Type
“UB Adhesive displays many emotions, and it’s said to be able to understand human speech if it spends enough time together with them.”

UB Assembly
Rock/Steel Type
“While UB Assembly may appear to be made up of stones stacked atop one another, apparently each “stone” is, in fact, a separate life-form, and this UB is made up of an assemblage of these life-forms.”

UB Burst
Fire/Ghost Type
“UB Burst tricks targets into letting their guard down as it draws near with its funny gait, swaying this way and that—then shocks them by blowing up its own head without warning. Before they can recover their senses, it steals their vitality, which it’s said to use as a source of energy.”

Check out the full trailer below.

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